Benefit Statement

(SEP 20, 2003) - Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC) is a not-for-profit organization established in the year 1999 and is quickly
becoming the leading "grass root authority" for establishing and managing off-road parks for motorized usage in Texas by All Terrain
Vehicles, Motorcycles and Full Size 4x4 Trucks and Jeeps. This Texas-based organization requires membership and is family oriented
with responsible members - young and old, who are concerned for safety and are aware of their responsibilities for proper land usage
and natural resources - and is completely dependent on member volunteer participation.

Economic growth for surrounding communities

Surrounding communities of TMTC parks will experience an economic growth from the sale of gasoline, groceries, and lodging on the
weekends from members and guests. At all times, TMTC members and guests are expected to respect the local community and support
their industry. Fact: Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area community witnessed a 7% hotel tax increase the first year it was opened.
This property facility is supported highly by the local Chamber of Commerce and appreciates the business brought into the community
by TMTC members.

Private off-road vehicle parks protect other environmentally sensitive areas

Private off-road vehicle parks allow users access to land in a state where land access for such activities is very limited and decreasing
over time. Ninety-seven percent of all land in Texas is privately owned and not available for public access. Park development by TMTC
is being conducted in the most environmentally responsible manner and at appropriate locations. The existence of off-road vehicle
parks in Texas also helps protect other environmentally sensitive areas of Texas by allowing users access to land where off-road
vehicle activities can be conducted in areas developed, operated and maintained for that sole purpose.

Continuing education is the key to success

TMTC members are continuously contributing their time and efforts towards certifiable education to share with other members including
issues concerning driving safely off-road; operating off-road vehicles within safety protocol; land management; maintaining natural
resources; proper trail system guides; and involving local children within the local community with outdoor recreation safety. TMTC
participates as vendors at outdoor exposition venues in Texas, to create new contacts by displaying off-road vehicle videos on
television screens, handing out literature, and speaking to the public about future goals for off-road vehicle parks.

First property is self-sufficient and operational

TMTC currently owns and operates an 1800-acre motorized off-road park, Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area (BMRA), located in
North East Texas within Upshur County. The grand opening was in the year 2000, and the park has been opened for three years.
Improvements include showers, restrooms, air station, pavilion and office; camping facilities include R/V hookups and electricity. The
park facilities and trail systems were designed and constructed strictly for motorized off-road purposes. The trail system was
developed by the all-volunteer TMTC membership and is mapped and rated with proper signage. A private mining company that
extracted iron ore from the park area formerly owned this tract of land.

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