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Who We Are

TMTC is the leading "grass roots authority" for establishing and managing off-road parks for motorized usage in Texas by All Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles, Trail Bikes and Full Size 4x4 Trucks and Jeeps.


Community Partners & Economic Development

TMTC values our community partnerships.  Economic development is important to our partner communities. TMTC strives to enhance opportunity for our members and for citizens of our host communities alike.  Surrounding communities of TMTC parks experience economic growth from the sale of gasoline, groceries, and lodging from members and guests.  The community near Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area witnessed a 7% hotel tax revenue increase the first year it was opened.  This property is highly supported by the local Chamber of Commerce and appreciates the business brought into the community by TMTC members.


Educational Outreach and Scholarships

TMTC is a leader in providing opportunity for safe, responsible off highway recreation for members.  Believing that education is the key to good relations, TMTC advocates sound control and the Tread Lightly! trail management techniques.  TMTC is dedicated to designing sustainable trail systems that will serve members, while protecting nature and the environment.   As part of our community outreach and education efforts, TMTC is funding an annual scholarship program for education in the fields of forestry and recreation management.







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